Yo, I'm Teo

A Hyper Island - Digital Media Creative student

There is a short version of who I am for the ones in a hurry and a longer version if you really want to get a feel of who I am.  

teo svart.jpg

Short version:


I am...
Multipotentialite, Social, Outspoken, Goal Orientated, Honest & Direct, Professional, Funny, Curious, Driven, Open minded.

I'm also Tall, dark and handsome.. or well tall-ish, dark humour and personality and got the face for radio.

So who am I?

I am a social, outspoken and curious little weirdo who loves to joke and not look too seriously on life in general.

That would not take away that I am a goal orientated and driven person who loves to win and will always do my best not to fail. If I do fail I try to learn from it and improve so I can fail on something even bigger and grow even more as a person.

I love responsibility and challenges, and one part of me is super serious. The other part is my “inner self” who is 14 for life and like to think outside the box and question everything around me.
I believe the mix of these 2 sides is one of my biggest strenghts.

I am also...

Known for my straight-talking approach.
But that is something I see as one of my biggest strengths since I believe in honest and direct communication.

I would say that I am very open minded and love to debate & learn new things from other people especially if they are of a different opinion. How would I otherwise expand my own view of the world and grow as a person?

world map.jpg

I also love to travel, one of my life goals is to visit every country there is and to explore as much of the globe as possible.

Meeting new people and getting to know new cultures has always been my biggest passion and I hope to be privileged enough to keep travelling for the rest of my life.


Trying my
best to
see the world!


"The darklord"


I also love humor and especially dark and edgy humor. I believe in the saying “that true laughter comes from a place in your body you can't explain”.
Meaning that I would probably be the first person helping someone who just fumbled down the stairs, but it probably wouldn't stop me from laughing while doing it.

I also love Manchester United, One Piece (manga/anime), techno, street art and the underground scene in general, and believe in the freedom of expressing yourself whatever way you want. 
I also don't believe you would be less professional or do worse of a job if you don´t wear a suit.

Have been
doing it for
some time now



What am I
looking for?

So what am I looking for then? A challenge is definitely something that I need since I easily get bored if I don´t feel challenged. I also love to have a lot on my plate and to dip my toes in a lot of different projects since I need variety in both how I work but also with what I work with.

I would love to work in a Digital Producer or Project Manager position.
I believe in human centered design and thinking and that as a producer you still have to have a UX mindset due to the fact that your dealing with humans and how to optimize work flow.

So I am looking for a company where I can grow and that believe in freedom with responsibility. Meaning that I would be able to try my wings out knowing that someone still has my back until I learn how to fully fly.

I believe I could bring a lot to the table and I am also in a part of my life in which I want to do something that I really care about and would find fun to work with.

So if your reading this then please hit me up, since I guess only reason you are reading this is because I applied so that means I really want the job! :)
I will not disappoint you!
Love, T-e-o